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Student Council

School Captains:

  James Ferguson & Ashleigh Carlow

Vice Captains:

  Jett Grimshaw & Olivia Ferguson

Minister for the Environment:

  Hamish Beveridge

Minister for Communications:

  Aliza Purvis

Minister for Health:

  Charlie Banks

Minister for Catering:

  Madison Hourigan

Student Leaders:

  Anton Davis, Marshall Fairey, Laura Farragher, Mason Fryers, William Fuller, William Gaff,
  Bradley Gibson, Isaiah Gleadhill, Jinda Green, Jennifer Ibe, Bradley Kildey,
  Finn Marchant, Olivia McClelland, Tayarna McKenzie, Samantha Miller, Jack Purvis, Joshua
  Purivs, Olivia Schier, Jessica Scholte, Laura Younghusband